What, who, why and how to

What is HRCT.it It is an educational website dedicated to High Resolution Computed Tomography (HRCT), the leading non-invasive radiological technique for investigating patients with suspected Diffuse Lung Diseases (DLD).

Who are the intended users. Given the clinical spectrum of covered diseases, a wide variety of healthcare workers may benefit from accessing this web site, and especially Pathologists, Pneumologists and Radiologists.



How to approach the DLDs. For beginners or advanced, we suggest:

To follow our interactive multimedial Bologna's Course that teaches in detail the DLDs through a multidisciplinary interactive approach (Course).

To use the website as a second step, to run again over the main concepts learnt during the Course so as to get familiar with clinical signs and pathological and radiological images and algorithms. (Lessons).

A further step is done through a number of selected clinical cases set in the grid of the radiological Patterns and discussed simulating a multidisciplinary approach (Cases).

Finally, there is a list of selected readings (including our Books!) suggested for those who wish to get more in depth inside the field (Reading).

Who we are. If you like to know more about us or to contact us, please refer to the Contact section of this website.