Selected cases

The discussion of clinical cases is presented through a series of selected images shown in a view box together with a browsable playlist. A number of captions are usually visible over each image, as a comment to it.

The cases suggest the way to approach diseases through patterns, and have been chosen as a didactical support to the lessons of the second part of the Course (Diseases). They are accessible both from the page of description of the relative subset (if you prefer reviewing the concepts before entering the case) or directly (from the nearby ---> the Case).


Please note that for viewing the cases, you should have flash plugin installed for your browser. On iPhone/iPad, flash is not implemented in the default browser (Safari), but you still can enjoy the experience of flash cases using Puffin

  Septal Pattern, subset Smooth the Case
  Fibrotic Pattern, subset UIP the Case
  Nodular Pattern, subset Random the Case
  Alveolar Pattern, subset Chronic the Case
  Dark Lung Pattern the Case
  Cystic Pattern, subset Tiny/NoWalls the Case